More info can be found in Registration

Limit of people per tour is 25. Before buying a ticket, please make sure you are able to pick up your tickets on time, so you won't block a place for someone else. 

Event Beer

Why not refresh yourself with something stylish in the event?


Another variation of geocoin or leftovers from our 2017 megaevent Cache in Space may be added later. See more info in Geocoin section.

GeoCoin - meteorit

Other variations may be added later. We are preparing a VIP version in luxurious design, with a bigger piece of meteorite.


Here you can find event CWGs as well as themed series. A pair of unique CWGs is also part of the registration.


Trackable umbrellas with printed night sky were prepared as well, but unfortunately, the manufacturer isn't able to make enough of them yet. We hope we will solute this problem as soon as possible.