You will be able to sign up for a lecture or a broadcast organized during the event in the big auditorium (cosmorama) of prague Planetarium. You will be able to make a reservation and payment (discounted to 50 CZK) here.

Registration via Planetarium will be published on time.
All of the following lectures will be held on Saturday 31st August 2019 in Planetarium.

11.30 am - Michal Bursa: Application of astronomy in daily life
1 pm - Milan Halousek: Apollo: Space adventure of mankind
2 pm - Rhys Taylor: Radioastronomy
3 pm - Miloš Tichý: Wandering for comets
4 pm - Jana Tichá: Are asteroids a threat?
5.30 pm - Štěpán Kovář: Praga Astronomica