Tabor - The city of Stars

Big event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Tabor observatory and 600 years of the Tabor city

Dear friends,

at the time and place of the event, it is necessary to comply with all currently valid hygiene regulations upon arrival:

(a) participation in persons showing clinical signs of covid-19 shall be prohibited

b) compliance with the rules according to I / 16 -

Everyone is responsible for following the rules.

cas100geo team

When: 11.9.2020

Where: city center of the Tabor city, south Czechia

Registration fee: 99 CZK, isn't needed if you only want to log

Our goal is to organize the first big event in the South-bohemian region and to commemorate astronomical history of the city.

What comes with the registration?

  • both unique CWGs (Czech wood geocoin)
  • post card
  • a good feeling for helping us organizing this event

What can you look forward to?

  • A pleasant environment for meeting
  • Family-friendly program
  • Competitions for both young and adults
  • Lab caches
  • Exhibitions
  • meeting with E.T.
  • visit to Mars
  • Event geocoin, lots of trackable items, event CWG (Czech wood geocoin) and special series of CWGs, other event items