Public transportation 

Bus - Bus stops Ondřejov nám.(Buses 383, 403, 490 and then go by yellow turistic - 0,8 km)

Train - stations 

Mirošovice (railway track Prague-Benešov and then walk by yellow turistic marks - 5,2 km), 

Senohraby (railway track Prague-Benešov and then walk by yellow turistic marks - 5,5 km). 

Chocerady (railway track Čerčany-Světlá nad Sázavou and then walk by yellow or blue turistic marks - 7,5 km) 

Event admission

50,- Kč per person

When you pay admission, you got one event CWG and you can register for exhibitions, excursions and competitions (when you pay, they are for free)

When you will go to actions where is required registration, you must show a ticket. You will recieve a ticket at the registration place.

You can go to event for free, but then you can’t go to exhibition or excursions.


On event, there will be able this:

  • non-alcoholic beer
  • alkoholic beer
  • yummy things
  • sausages
  • roasted pig
  • ice cream
  • pancakes

Individual transport

Is it really necessary to drive by cars?

The parking space reserved for megaevent will be published on the map. There will be 150 parking spaces available. Parking will be on the grass and is not suitable for sports cars.


We prepared a list of accommodation near to event area for you. 

Contact accommodation, not us. When you will know about change about your attend, let the accommodation know about that.