10.30 am/ 11.00 am/ 11.30am/ 12.00 am

Two-meter telescope

you will see the biggest telescope of the Czech Republic with diameter of 2 meters

2.30 pm/ 3.00 pm/ 3.30 pm/ 4.00 pm

Solar department

you will visit the department which studies our closest star and find out interesting facts about research of the Sun  

excursion 10 am - 7 pm

night observation 8 pm - 10 pm

Historical domes

in historical dome, you will see exhibition about history of the Ondrejov observatory and lots of interesting instruments

10 am - 7 pm

Historical museum

Astronomical museum of V. Šafařík contains historical astronomical and geodetic instruments

10.30 am/ 11.00 am/ 11.30 am/ 12.00 


you will find out how work radiotelescopes placed troughout of the Ondrejov observatory area

2.30 pm/ 3.00 pm/ 3.30 pm/ 4.00 pm

Robotic telescope

The fastest telescope, do you want to see this unique device?