10.30 am

Milan Halousek

Czech vestige in the universe

Krteček, the official astronaut of Czechoslovakia, astronauts with Czech roots...

12.00 am

Mgr. Petr Scheirich, Ph.D.

Watch out, falling stones!

Asteroids pose a danger to the Earth and the possibility of research. Can we protect us from them? 

2.00 pm

RNDr. Jiří Grygar, CSc.

Petabyte astronomy

The unstopable advacement of computers will enable to film history of the universe within a few days.

4.00 pm

prof. RNDr. Vladimír Karas, DrSc.

Einstein's theory of relativity and GPS

Einstein's theory of relativity or what they've in common black holes and GPS

6.00 pm

Jakub Moravec

Despite the bear's attack, he saw an eclipse

About "harsh" expedition for the eclipse of the Sun to frosty Spitzberges, to the area of polar bears.

8.00 pm

Ing. Štěpán Kovář, PhD.

Phenomenon of 100 Years of Czech Observatories

Czech observatories are an extraordinary phenomenom in history of science as well as in the astronomical observatories architecture .