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registration is not mandatory
it is possible to register on site 

Online registration

Purchase registration in our eshop.

The registration requires paying of symbolic fee 99 CZK.

If you register, you'll get:

  • two event CWGs (CWG = czech wood geocoin)
  • pocket star chart - northern hemisphere mobile planisphere for use at Latitudes close to 50 degrees North - diameter 15 cm - laminated board
  • lots of tickets and discounts to our partner observatories, museums, planetariums (for mor info, go to Benefits)
  • a good feeling because you helped to organize this event 

Registration conditions

  1. Registration - you can register by buying the registration in eshop section of our website
  2. Registration confirmation - after registration, you will receive a confirmation email and payment instructions at the appropriate time.
  3. Payment - you can pay a fee of 99 CZK only to this bank account: 2801148901/2010 (IBAN CZ2820100000002801148901). When making a payment, insert a variable symbol that will be sent to you when you confirm your registration.
  4. Confirmation - you can check your payment receipt on a transparent account site 2801148901/2010 > TRANSPARENT ACCOUNT.
  5. Obligation of registration - After paying a fee of 99 CZK the registration becomes binding.
  6. CWG, star chart and tickets will be ready for you within the event at 30th August 2019 5 pm-8 pm, 31th August 2019 9 am-8 pm, 1st September 2019 9 am-8 pm at the registration area (coordinates of the event).
  7. Program of the event will be published (1st January 2019) in the Program section.
  8. Contact - you can send us your feedback here