NEWS no.4


GeoCoin 2019

Coin is based on the foundation of its forerunner, which was introduced in 2017 at the mega event Cache in Space.

This geocoin for our current event Praga Astronomica contains (front side):

  • the inscription of Praga Astronomica GC7HVBE - astroevent
  • graphics depicting the opto-mechanical projector of the Prague Planetarium, made in 1990 at Carl Zeiss Jena
  • there is the coloured logo of the event at the bottom

Geocoin on the reverse side includes:

  • the inscription Štefánikova hvězdárna Praha
  • graphic showing the building of the observatory from north
  • logo to the 100th anniversary of the IAU (International Astronomical Union)
  • trackable code with instruction
  • there is a logo of the event at the bottom

Expected design:

  • Antique gold - Antique silver - Antique copper
  • Nickel - limited edition

Window to the Universe

At the Prague Planetarium, you can see the stars on the largest screen in the country, whether it is dark or light, clear or rainy. In addition, you can watch movies projected across the sky (dome) that literally surround you.

A major challenge during the modernization was the modification of the optical-mechanical Cosmorama planetarium, which is technologically unique. The Cosmorama Planetarium was made in Zeiss' company in German Jane and there were made only five pieces. And Cosmorama in Prague is the last "living" specimen - fully operational, installed in the dome.

The projection of the Cosmorama planetarium is accompanied by a basic, wide-angle, panoramic and cello-oblique projection that is realized by a system of several dozen slide projectors. Some performances are also accompanied by laser projection.

The upgraded SkySkan Definiti 8K projection system was put into operation in September 2014. Six SRP T-615 superprojectors work together on the system. Each of these "tiny" weighs 143 kg. In addition to replacing and completing the components of their own system, electrical wiring was modified during the modernization - over a kilometer of cable was laid, the cooling system was added - each projector had a power of 5 kW.