NEWS  no. 1


Why are you doing it?

The first answer that comes to my mind is laconic, almost brazen "Because of it," but then I'll make a more decent reply "And why not?"

Now, seriously, after the successful Mega event with the astronomical theme "Cache in Space" held in September 2017, we would like to achieve another milestone.

Our next goal is to arrange an event, not only larger than the MEGA event, but also in a location in the historical center of Prague.

We want to organize a richer program, more Labs, well we'll keep you informed of everything continuously.

What should we look forward to?

  • an overview of recommended caches
  • LAB caches
  • programs and lectures in the planetarium building
  • exhibitions and expositions
  • historical and contemporary astronomy personalities
  • places associated with astronomy
  • astronomical phenomena
  • a lot of CWG, GC and other trackables
  • discounted tours of our partners