Rules of e-shop

  1. Ordering - Ordering can be done via the order form on the Event site in the e-shop section.
  2. Order Confirmation - Once your order has been received, a confirmation email and instructions for payment will be sent to you at the appropriate time.
  3. Payment - objednané zboží je možné hradit pouze platbou na účet IBAN CZ2820100000002801148901. When paying, please include the order number that will be sent to you when you confirm the order. Payment must be made within 2 weeks of order confirmation.
  4. Payment check -  you can check your purchase on transparent account webpage > TRANSPARENT ACCOUNT.
  5. Obligation of the order - after payment, your order becomes binding.
  6. Transport - ordered goods will be accepted at the time of the event 30.9.2019 from 17 to 20 hours, 31.9.2019 from 9 to 20 hours and 1.9.2019 from 9 to 17 hours, in the registration area (suitable to take them to know their name and order number). If you choose to send by mail, the goods will be shipped from 2.9. to 30.9.2019, the price of transport including packing is in this case stated in the order form.Catalog of items - e-shop contains list of items with their picture. Picture shows you character of item, but must not look like real item with all details.
  7. Contact - contact form is available for any questions about subjects.